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SWOOP, meaning – SWEAT.  HOOP. - is sweeping across the town with Eva as Owner/Founder, trying to bring something new to Blenheim.  Over the last year hoops have been popping up everywhere.  Her experience was in Australia over the last few years with Hula Hooping.  Eva treats it as an ‘enjoyable Fitness Regime’, although people tend to visualise the fancy hooping girl off the talent shows on TV, “that is not what we are doing”!  It is a sensible Cardio and Core programme suited to anyone and everyone!
‘SWOOP’ and ‘POWER SWOOP’ that she has branded, are all an enjoyable, fun way of moving, burning calories, becoming strong and flexible.   Having run her business for over 26 years now, firstly, in dance and her own Yoga System with Natural Therapies, she is well equipped to put out an interesting routine every time.   It is addictive and great for the body and the mind, elevating heart rate, burning oxygen, hence trimming down, toning up and keeping fit.  Doing just 10 minutes a day will change your shape, your energy and your attitude to getting off the couch and moving the body.  Getting along to a class, encourages you to push through the tricky bits and keeping it (the hoop) moving.  Endorphins are produced from the happiness and laughter as well.  “We have had younger, older, male and female, it is for anyone”. 
It is definitely worth a go!
Being in the hoop isn’t just standing there for those who think it may be boring.  Eva calls her beginners ‘Troopers’ (trying to hoop), next level being ‘Hooper’ (keeping the hoop on) and the highest level -   ‘SWOOPER’ (being able to do all the challenges and in time with the music).  Eva is reasonably fit herself and even finds her own programs challenging and extremely sweaty.
As a trained dance teacher/choreographer and having taught dance in Blenheim for over 18 years, her love of music is part of the passion… being able to choreograph with music again has been absolutely delightful!
Come join with us, you’ll have some fun, some challenges and get fit and lose fat, while doing it!





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