Pain Relief – made e-asier:  
Trying to heal the body, the quickest and easiest way possible!
SCENAR – (an acronym for Self Controlled Energo-Neuro Adaptive Regulation), designed by a team of Russian doctors and scientists in the late 1970’s.
(It is a reflex biofeedback device involving no drugs and no surgery, only a light touch to the body with an electrical energy responding to the body’s own signals).
SCENAR deals with the body’s nervous system, helping the muscles to let go of their tension and releasing good chemicals (neuro-peptides) produced naturally by the body for pain relief.
Having suffered pain in her life, Eva knows how debilitating it can be and sympathizes with anyone that suffers.  No-one wants to be in pain.  To be free of pain today, she now loves to share the different paths she took to get there, in fact, it is part of the reason why she became a therapist - through becoming 100% pain-free.   
Combining all therapies, Eva works with a system of providing what is necessary for each individual in a consultation.
Healing may take one to three treatments depending on the problem.  With SCENAR, there is never more than 12 treatments within a three month period (unless something more advanced
as in Multiple Sclerosis).   If the condition has not improved by then, there may be something more serious going on!

Masking pain may be sometimes necessary when it just gets too hard but when we are taking chemicals to mask what we feel, it doesn’t always mean we will heal in that process.  At the depth of all problems, there is a natural healing process if one will explore it.
Eva is often still amazed with the results over many years of treating with SCENAR.  A very clever tool designed by the Russians.



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