Knowledge of your breath – making life and wellbeing e-asier: 
Just because we breathe every minute of every day, this doesn’t mean that oxygen is being utilised in the body efficiently. 
In the many years, I have been a therapist and working with the human body, I have come to the conclusion, that the way we breathe is the most relevant of all.  It keeps you and me alive, and without realising, it can be the one thing that’s keeping us from our fullest potential, not just for energy but for natural pain relief and many other afflictions. 
With around 66% of people breathing incorrectly :::e-breathing clinic O2CO2 offers a computer analysis that shows true breath by breath movement. 
Even healthy heart people have had heart attacks and many athletes have died on the track, often through oxygen not being utilised properly in the body.  When an athlete trains, they give special attention to the muscles and the food they eat but never usually to their main energy source, the main thing that keeps them alive.  We can be breathing but still have 50% lack of oxygen to the heart and brain, therefore to the rest of the body as well.
When you are able to see your own breath on the computer it is a real revelation and when your body then finds its proper natural functioning again, it can bring healing to the whole body.
Having awareness is one of the first steps toward better health!  From children to the elderly, the analysis gives the client a greater understanding of their true breath pattern.
An appointment with the Computer Analysis and corrective work if necessary, will absolutely benefit every person who tries it, not just for those with illnesses but for enhanced athletic performance and general wellbeing.
If you are able to take the information intelligently and use it, you will move forward in the most positive way, it truly is amazing!  An excellent educational tool. 
Better health, just a breath away!



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